Volkswagen: beetle-classic super beetle

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Technical specifications

Model:Beetle - Classic
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Color:Olympic Blue
Interior Color:Black
Engine:1600cc Dual Port stock
Number of Cylinders:4
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7/4 UPDATE: NADA values this car at Excellent = $24k to Average = $13k. (Reserve is in the middle.) Please bid accordingly to win!
If you are seeking a very nice classic VW convertible as an investment, but also one you can enjoy and drive, I have your order ready! This is a very special little ol' Bug! Here's its story:
This "early 1973" Super Convertible was distributed to Moore VW in Gatlin, Tennessee. It was then 'dealer-swapped' to Jim Ellis in Atlanta, Georgia to be purchased by its original owner, Mrs. Patricia Adams, a DeKalb County school teacher. Mrs. Adams was apparently a serious record keeper, as when I bought the car from her daughter, it included a folder filled with what appears to be every service record the car ever had. There were even receipts from wiper refills installed at local gas stations. (Remember when servicing wipers was a thing!?) Having spent its entire life in Atlanta, this VW is a real Georgia Peach!!
Well the timing just happened to be, that they had just remodeled their kitchen, when their newly-licensed son rejected his grandmother's old car they'd been saving for him in their garage. (He revealed to me he wanted an Acura. Kids!) And so I purchase it in January; then spent the last 5 months polishing up this little gem. Because that's what I do
This is my 6th classic VW to restore, and my 3rd vintage air-cooled. I do love old Vee-Dubs, and it's been about 25 years since I worked for VW. So this was a fun, blast-from-the-past for me!
This VW has 85000 miles (and counting) on its functioning odometer. (I took the picture above as it happened last month!) The receipts provided by the Adams family show a logical progression of dates and mileage through 40+ years! With evidence this meter has not "rolled over" (VWs only go up to 99,999), it was easy for me to invest ~$5000 in PARTS ALONE over the last 5 months while bringing this car back to the condition I felt it deserved to be. Not because so many things were broken; but because it was in such nice, original condition overall, that any little piece which needed fixing stuck out like a sore thumb. But those thumbs are the criticial details that once addressed, make the entire finished product so special!
(Not just a polished old stone, this car is truly a gem; and it must be "worn proudly". YOU WILL DRIVE THIS CAR. It's just. Too. Fun. I've never been waved to or smiled at as much in my life, as when driving this little Bug. It seems everyone loves it. If you used to work on parade floats, are a retired Pope, or just an old pageant queen suffering from lack of attention, you NEED this car. Driving it is an instant good mood!)
Ok, let's get down to the details. Most of the car is original. The floors are original pans which have been treated with POR-15 above and below to prevent future corrosion. I also lined the battery tray area with fiberglass and POR-15 for extra protection from the battery located under the rear seat. You can beat on this floor and feel confident when you hear its thump.
The paint you see is a fresh "stage 1" repaint of its original color. The body needed only a good sanding, then paint, then some quality time spent wet sanding and buffing. Please look at the close-up pics for reflections of clouds and backgrounds so you can see how straight the panels are.
The body is original metal. I polished up anything I could bring back to brilliance. What wouldn't polish, I replaced, with good quality parts. I build cars one at a time, by myself, in my garage. I build like I'm going to own it for the rest of my life. (Mainly because I never really know if that'll be the one I decide to keep!) So I install parts I'd WANT, not what's cheapest to get the job done. That said, I'm practical too. Here's an example: The stereo
I picked a "no-name brand" stereo for a reason. This IS a convertible. And part of owning one requires having the confidence to leave it parked with the top down. So, putting a "steal me" stereo in it would be foolish. This one's a very stealth design, meant to dissuade would-be thieves. It even has two round knobs like vintage radios did. However, it has USB input and BLUETOOTH connectivity. Yes, it will pair to your phone, take calls, and stream your phone's music. It has an 8" ported subwoofer behind the rear seat. And it has 6" marine-grade speakers mounted into fiberglass baffled kick panel enclosures. It all sounds great, yet no one is looking twice at it when you leave it top-down. All NEW.
The interior is mostly original. I replaced anything sufficiently cracked or torn, which wasn't much. Even the pedal pads weren't worn enough to replace. And I won't replace good original parts with replicated copies unless there's no choice. Example: the visors are nice New Old Stock. But I kept the original, slightly stained, "oh sh!t" handle straps in the rear seat, because new copies are just junk.
I added the "wood & chrome handle package", because I think they look great in convertibles. And usually I include a wood steering wheel, but THIS wheel is original and in perfect condition, with the vintage Kamei brand wheel wrap intact. (I remember my dad taking like an hour to install one of these when I was 4 years old. I had to leave it!)
Everything works. Front to back.
New bulbs everywhere. New lenses to replace the sun-cracked ones. But original VW-OEM light fixtures were retained, because they're so much better. All lights work. Heat works. Horn works. Cigarette lighter works. (What? A cigarette lighter?? Yes, I added one so you can charge your phone. This IS THE 21st century after all!) Wipers work. Even the SPARE-TIRE-AIR-POWERED-WINDSHIELD-SQUIRTIES WORK. (Yes, I brought that back to life, even though I leave it disconnected just in case. But I couldn't leave it non-functional and I certainly wasn't going to put an aftermarket electrical pump in its place. That'swell, just not how I do things! I even replaced ALL the fuses with new ones because that IS how I do things. And spares are in the glove box.)
It drives NICE.
New Falken 185s on new OEM-style chromed 15" x 5.5" steel wheels. Lower profile and wider, they handle significantly better than stock. These are very good mid-range performance, all-season tires MFG-warranted ~45k miles. Any drive line component that needed replacing was done so. Receipts are included for new tires, drag link, accelerator cable, clutch cable, wheel bearings, master cylinder, brakes, exhaust, fuel pump, electronic ignition, and more.
The engine in this vehicle is #AE338586. The entire powertrain is original to the vehicle. While it has been maintained, to my knowledge neither engine or trans have been rebuilt. The engine's compression tested at ~120psi across all cylinders. Fuel pressure was restored to ~3psi with the new pump. When you follow the starting procedure outlined in the VW Owner's Manual, it starts right up, cold or hot. It accelerates strong and cruises at highway speeds very smoothly. I've had it on Atlanta interstates cruising 65mph with no concerns. (I've even driven this car on the Atlanta Motor Speedway! click here for pics:
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